Vision and Ethos

St Monica Primary School is a school community:-

That has a motivational, creative and highly challenging curriculum to inspire all members of our community to love learning and be the best learners they can be.

Where everyone is curious, focussed, resilient, persistent and determined, developing the positive attitude they need to enable them to endeavour to achieve their full potential.

Where there is care, consideration and respect in all we do – everyone understands their rights are interwoven with their responsibilities.

That allows everyone to flourish as individuals and develop leadership skills that ensure excellence for all, recognising and capitalising  on the fact that every learner is unique.

Where everyone is welcome to share in our amazing learning journey.

Our School community follows 6 C’s                                                                 IMG_7506







Please go to our School Charter page to watch our school community’s quest for the St Monica 6 C’s.