Please find listed below links to our school policies.  If the policy you are looking for is not listed please contact the school office on tel 02380 399870 or e mail to request a copy.

Some policies maybe in the process of being reviewed or approved by the Governing Body. If they have not been approved yet they are showing as draft.

SMPS – Able Gifted and Talented Policy
SMPS – Accessibility Plan Policy (currently under review )
SMPS Admissions Policy (Southampton LA is the Admissions Authority)
SMPS Assessment Principles and Policy
SMPS – Attendance Policy 
SMPS Anti-Bullying Policy
SMPS – Behaviour Principles Written Statement
SMPS – Charging and Remissions Policy
SMPS – Child Protection Policy Procedures and Guidance(including dealing with allegations of abuse against staff) – this policy is cuttrent under review September 2018
SMPS – Collective Worship Policy
SMPS Complaints Policy
SMPS – Communications Policy
SMPS – Confidentiality Policy
SMPS – Cookies Policy
SMPS Data Protection Policy
SMPS – Drama and Spoken Word Policy
SMPS – Drugs Education Policy 
SMPS – Equality and Access Policy
SMPS – E-Safety Policy
SMPS – EYFS Supervision Policy
SMPS – Freedom of Information Act Policy
SMPS – First Aid Policy
SMPS – Fire Safety Policy
SMPS – Governor’s Allowance Policy
SMPS – Health and Safety Policy
SMPS – Home School Agreement (currently under review  2018)
SMPS – Homework Policy
SMPS – Intimate Care and Toileting Policy
SMPS – Marking and feedback Policy
SMPS – Marking and Feedback Codes 
SMPS – Medical Conditions Policy -DRAFT.
SMPS – Off-Site Actvities Policy
SMPS – Peer on Peer Policy
SMPS – Physical Activity Policy 
SMPS – Positive Behaviour and Anti Bullying Policy (currently under review  2018)
SMPS – Positive Handling Policy
SMPS – Safeguarding Policy (this policy is currently under review September 2018)
SMPS – School Meals Debt Policy
SMPS – Single Equality Policy
SMPS – Smoking Policy
SMPS – Staff Code of Conduct Policy
SMPS – SMSC British values Policy
SMPS – Special-Educational-Needs-Disability-Policy   (currently under review  2018)
SMPS – Supporting Pupils with Medical Conditions Policy (currently under review  2018)
SMPS – Sex and Relationship Education Policy
SMPS – Social Networking Policy
SMPS – Target Setting Policy
SMPS – Visitors Code of Conduct Policy

school travel insurance policy 201819