Results & Performance

The Senior Leadership Team is a cohesive partnership which has a sense of shared leadership that impacts on the whole school community. They maintain a continuous drive for improvement. Leadership and management across the school demonstrate an innovative approach to strategic school improvement. Governors are becoming more strategic and are demonstrating this through the types of challenging questions that they raise on a regular basis.

Principles of Assessment
SMPS Assessment Principles and Policy
SMPS – Marking and Feedback policy.

Reporting Journey

SMPS Reporting Journey 2016 – 2017

Pupil Leadership Teams
Our Pupil Leadership Teams are made up of pupils who applied for and were then interviewed for the positions.
The aim of both teams is to ensure that their leadership helps to secure sustainable impact on the school’s and pupil’s achievement. The Senior Pupil Leadership Team work alongside the Senior Leadership Team focussing on School Improvement taking a lead in ensuring pupil voice is represented at all levels of leadership. The Middle Pupil Leadership Team work alongside the Curriculum Leadership Teams to drive improvement in English, Maths and Science.
Members of the teams take part in a wide range of activities including;
Meetings, Ward Walks, Book looks/work scrutiny, Governors meetings,  Parents evenings, Work with visitors to our school, Mediation and pupil conferencing.