School Day

School opening times

Inspire Endeavour
Gates Opens

Straight to class

8.30 am 8.30 am
in to class by 8.40 am 8.45 am
Lunch time 12.10—1.10 pm 12.10—1.10 pm
End Of Day 3.00 pm 3.10 pm

The school gates are open at 8.30 am and the children go straight to their classrooms.  The children need to be in class by 8.40 am (inspire) and 8.45 am (endeavour) ready for registration.


It is very important that your child arrives on time. Being late is upsetting for the child, and disruptive for the class. If you are late, please take your child to the office where they will be given a late mark, and their lunch booked.

Learning time finishes at 3.00 pm (Inspire) and 3.10 pm (Endeavour)

If there are pupils who continue to be late arriving or being picked up after school late the Attendance Officer will be informed.

Infectious Illness

When your child is absent because of an infectious illness, please consult your GP and contact the school office.

The NHS have some excellent advice

If medication is required then parents will need to complete a form at the school office authorising us at the school to administer the medication.
For more details please refer to our First Aid Policy

Drinking Water.
Drinking water is available throughout the day for the children to access either in the classroom or at the drinking fountain. Each year group has their own drinking fountain to use. We do encourage the children to drink water.  Water bottles are available to purchase from the school office

During a child’s time at school, he/she is likely to get head lice. There is nothing to be embarrassed about or to fear. If we notice them at school we will contact parents. All the family need to be treated.  Regular checking of children’s hair for lice and the treatment is the responsibility of parents, not the school.

Please see the attached link for further information:-

Southampton City Council Headlice Information

Jewellery of any kind should not be worn in school.  It can lead to problems of loss and, in the case of hooped or dangly earrings can be a Health and Safety hazard. Members of staff (and most children at this age) cannot be responsible for removing or looking after any jewellery.


The school encourages all parents to make any payment to school through the  online payment system.  However, if you do wish to send in a cheque or cash please can we ask you to send this in an envelope, clearly labelled with your child’s name, class and what the money is for.

Special Educational Needs
All children at St Monica Primary School are valued equally and are provided with the best possible learning experiences to enable them to make good progress and reach their full potential.
For more details please refer to our SMPS-Special-Educational-Needs-Disability-Policy

Travel Insurance
Please follow the link to go to details of our insurance:-


Privacy Notice – Data Protection Act 1998
Please follow the link below for further details

St Monica Primary School Privacy Notice