Starting School

All Admissions to our school are dealt with by Southampton City Council.  For details of the admissions policy and how to apply please follow the link:-

Prior to Starting School
We are passionate about ensuring that both parents and children have the best start at what is the beginning  of their learning journey. IMG_6220

During the summer term prior to the children starting school we invite parents to join us for an evening in June where you have the opportunity to meet staff, other parents and listen to an informative session on the Foundation Stage.

The children will also have separate opportunities to come into school in small groups to become familiar with their classroom, their peers, their teacher and the learning environment.

Our Foundation Stage Leader programmes in visits to pre-school settings which supports the school to put into place effective transition for all new children.  Members of the Health and Well-Being Team also make individual home visits to meet the parents and children in their own environment. This is a fabulous opportunity for parents to share their hopes and fears and also for the school staff to become even more familiar with the children.

We recognise that starting school can be very exciting but also may be an anxious time for both the children and parents.  Please do not hesitate to contact the school and speak to any member of staff if you have any questions or concerns.  All staff are here to ensure that your child’s learning experience is both happy and successful.

School Begins
All children start school on the first day of term in September.  The entry pattern is a few days of mornings only followed by a few days of mornings and staying for lunch.  By the second week children will be in school full time. This gives all of the children an opportunity to learn the necessary skills to enable them to begin learning at a fast rate.

Please click on the link below to find out more information about Foundation Stage:-