Pupil Parliament

What is Pupil Parliament?
At St Monica we have a unique Pupil Parliament that sits every Friday at 10am.
As a whole school of ‘MP’s’ we meet as KS1 and KS2 weekly.
It is how we ensure Pupil Voice is heard and a way of supporting ‘democracy in action’.
We have a weekly agenda which always addresses matters arising from the previous week.
A typical agenda will look like this;
1. Matters arising from previous parliament session
2. Update from Junior Road Safety Officers
3. Debating and discussing improving the environment – Eco Leaders
4. Fund raising – pupils sharing their fundraising – next event and how we can support
5. Hands up Pupil Parliament survey where children raise hand to ‘strongly agree’ ‘agree’ disagree’ or ‘strongly disagree’ around a statement e.g. I feel I have made good progress in my learning so far this year or I believe most children in school are kind
6. AOB and points for the next parliament session – to go away and think about
A recent vote was held to decide which charity we would wear Christmas Jumpers for. The Pupil MPs came up with about 10 possible charities to vote for and the outcome was that the largest number of MPs wanted to raise money for a cancer charity.
One of the pupils shared her story – she had had her hair cut off to support wig making for children with cancer.
If you would like to know more about the Pupil Parliament sessions then please see our website weekly updates.