The new National Curriculum has had a big impact on the teaching and learning of English at our school. We have to make sure that our English planning is challenging and will enable every child to achieve their potential.

The English Curriculum team have been working closely with other schools in the local community. We use these opportunities to share good practice and take a look at the learning that is happening in other classrooms. These ‘book looks’ are very insightful and we can discuss ways we can be even better!

In addition to this, the team have been very busy with the Curriculum Group for the city. This supports other teachers with their provision of English and suggest ways to improve English through quality learning experiences.

Our big focus is to drive improvement in reading. This starts in the Early Years Foundation Stage where children are being given memorable learning experiences for each letter sound. This helps the children to recall and apply their sound knowledge to their writing too! The reading opportunities continue in Key Stage One through purposeful guided reading sessions and good quality phonics teaching. Last year we achieved our best ever Phonics Screening outcomes and we aim to beat that this year!

This good practice continues throughout Key Stage Two, where class teachers are planning guided reading lessons which are purposeful and challenging. Teachers are using key objectives from the new curriculum to inform their planning and to provide quality first teaching for their pupils. The library is being used effectively to support pupil progress and to develop a culture of reading across the school. Class teachers and the librarians are thinking proactively about the use of the library and how it can assist the learning of our children.