As a PE team we are developing our knowledge of how we live our lives; aiming to increase our understanding of how we can live a healthier lifestyle which impacts our learning through healthier minds.
We cover a range of sporting activities as well as having in guests from a variety of sporting backgrounds.  We strive to instil motivation and inspiration in our children.  They in turn take on an understanding of how PE can help them and pass this on in peer learning. They also learn to work cooperatively, compete against others and learn etiquette and fair play.
Incorporating the new curriculum, we at St Monica Primary School, aim to cover a broad range of sporting disciplines to encourage all children to participate and find a strength in PE that they enjoy and feel comfortable with. From dance and gymnastics to yoga and rugby all children are able to shine and grow in mind and body. We also encourage children to participate outside of school in extracurricular activities.


Please remember we have INSET days on 4 and 5 January 2018