University of St Monica

University of St Monica – Inspiring Aspiration at Endeavour

What is the  University of St Monica?
Each term, KS2 pupils will be given the opportunity to spend a week in our University. Diplomas that could be achieved:-

The following diploma courses are covered with all of them featuring the 6Cs;
• Diploma in Cookery – including knife skills working up to preparing simple, healthy meals – inspiring a possible career in the catering business whilst giving them important life skills.
• Diploma in Horticulture – growing flowers and produce, maintaining and creating attractive gardens – fostering care for the environment and inspiring a possible career in farming/gardening.
• Diploma in Driver Awareness – an opportunity to develop a respect for drivers as a pedestrian whilst having a go at passing the theory test – inspiring them to be responsible pedestrians and safe drivers in the future.
• Diploma in St Johns Ambulance Level 1/2 First Aid – learning key first aid skills in a practical manner that could help save a life – inspiring possible careers in the medical profession.
• Diploma in Music (Musicals/Singing/Composition) – developing a love of all things musical – possibly inspiring them to have a career involving music.
• Diploma in Sports (Various Sports) – great development of gross motor skills, coaching tactics and cooperation – inspiring careers in sport but encouraging fitness and good health.
• Diploma in Travel – seeing the world beyond St Monica and how dreams can become reality – encouraging them to travel beyond Sholing with possible jobs in the travel industry.
• Diploma in Reading – an early start as a member of a book club – inspiring them to read for the love of it!
• Diploma in Spanish – developing conversational Spanish that will support them in the wider world.
• Diploma in Weaving – fine motor skills and creativity – understanding how weaving still has a place today.
• Diploma in Bush Craft – developing the skills of knots and lashings that can help with survival – inspiring them to be independent and safe, whilst respecting the environment.

What is the aim of the University of St Monica?
The University Diploma courses are set out to inspire pupils to look beyond the traditional curriculum. In small groups the children are able to develop life skills that enrich their learning whilst supporting them to be aspirant and achieve in the wider world.

“University of St Monica is the best!”       “I can’t wait for Tuesday afternoons!”
“I’d like to cook every week!”  “Weaving is awesome!”  “I passed my theory test with a score of 48.”