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Inspire, Endeavour, Achieve


Our Curriculum 

St Monica Primary School’s Vision for a Good Curriculum

'Inspire Endeavour Succeed'

We believe learning is for life: a dynamic journey of discovery that provides memorable and enjoyable learning experiences to encourage inquisitive minds.

At St Monica Primary School, we believe passionately that our curriculum should be broad, balanced, relevant and meet the needs of all children, whatever their ability, race or ethnic origin, gender, religious beliefs or disability. Our curriculum is based on the National Curriculum. Whilst focussing on high standards, our curriculum has been designed to reflect the needs of our children - to be fun, interesting, creative and thought provoking - thus combining excellence with enjoyment. We aim to give all children the cultural capital (essential knowledge & skills) to be successful citizens.

Curriculum Intent 

  • The curriculum is the totality of experiences which are planned for the children as they progress through all of our schools.  

  • The curriculum will have at its heart the learning behaviours that will support all children to be successful learners for life.

  • We will ensure that the curriculum is literacy rich, raises aspirations, drives ambition, and maximises high rates of progress in all areas.

  • Our curriculum will be broad, balanced, meaningful and relevant and build upon children’s prior knowledge

  • It will be equitable, providing children with essential knowledge, skills and experiences to reduce the effect of disadvantage

  • It will support all children to develop healthy attitudes to their physical and mental health and support them in their development as respectful members of the local community and society at large. 

  • New Technologies will be used creatively to engage and support children in their learning

Implementation of Curriculum Intent 

We use The National Curriculum to create carefully thought out Long-term plans in English, Maths and foundation subjects. We then create medium term plans in these subjects. Subject Leaders support staff to develop medium term plans to ensure progression of skills and knowledge from year R to year 6. Talk is at the heart of our curriculum and time is dedicated to developing all aspect of effective communication for all children.

Fundamental to our curriculum delivery is ongoing and accurate assessment used to inform planning and ensure effective teaching and timely feedback builds on prior knowledge, develops retrieval, and takes account of their known starting points. Our curriculum results in significant and sustained changes in our learners long term memory allowing children to make further connections between new knowledge and existing knowledge.


Long term plans in reading and writing have been created using high quality texts which expose children to a broad range of genres. These high quality texts form part of a carefully sequenced learning journey, we aim to expand children’s knowledge and vocabulary and inspire them to be lifelong readers and writers. As a result, children further develop the cultural capital to succeed in life. We have a systematic and rigorous approach to teaching phonics which is based on accurate and frequent assessment so no child is disadvantaged because of limited fluency in reading skill. We prioritise reading, fostering a school wide love of reading.


At St Monica we use a maths mastery approach to deliver the mathematics curriculum. We fundamentally believe that maths mastery is an expectation for all. Alongside developing mathematical language, essential components of our maths curriculum are these five big idea;

  • Coherence- lessons broken down in to small broken connected steps which gradually unfold the concept

  • Representation and structure- carefully selected models and images

  • Mathematical thinking- reasoning, making connections and problem solving

  • Variation- this is both procedural and conceptual

  • Fluency- quick and efficient recall of facts and procedures

Wider curriculum

Across the wider curriculum carefully sequenced medium term plans are supported by knowledge organisers in history, geography and science in order to:

  • Secure subject knowledge for staff

  • Identify carefully sequenced learning journeys that ensure progression in learning

  • Develop progression in key knowledge and skills and close any gaps

  • Identify and build upon prior learning and retrieve prior knowledge and skills

  • Ensure tier 3/academic subject specific vocabulary is taught

  • Ensure the integrity and consistency of each individual subject

By inspiring curiosity using St Monica’s ‘big questions’, children work towards clearly defined end points in order to apply what they have learned and celebrate their learning. Maths and English are interwoven throughout wider curriculum where appropriate to ensure opportunities to apply previously learnt skills. In addition, longitudinal studies in science are ongoing throughout the year in every year group to develop science skills and knowledge.

Further Enrichment 

To complement our academic curriculum, we provide our children with a wide range of opportunities to nurture, develop and stretch their talents and interests. These meaningful experiences encourage children to understand how to be responsible, reflective, respectful, active citizens who contribute positively to a diverse society.

This will be achieved through a range of enrichment experiences. For example:

  • Anti-Bullying Week

  • Charity Events-Comic Relief, Children in Need, Sport relief, support Food Banks, Christmas Jumper Day

  • Religious Celebrations-Harvest Festival, Easter, Christmas, Diwali, NSPCC

  • Annual days- World Book Day, Maths Day, National Poetry Day, Friendship Day, Online Safety, Remembrance Day, Black History Month

  • Theme Weeks- Book Week, Arts Week, STEM, Healthy Body Healthy Mind

  • Sporting Events-Sponsored Run, Run a mile, in house competitions, sports days, games days

  • Inviting experts in to inspire all our learners – authors, actors, artists, musicians, sports people including promoting female sports, poets & other professionals

  • Sporting competitions open to every child- in particular Pupil Premium children

  • Musical Events-Literacy & Rap Project, performances

  • National Events- Queen’s Birthday, Royal Wedding, Election, Brexit,

  • Global Events- Olympics, 100 Years World War 1, World Cup, VE Day

  • Clubs e.g. Football, Dodgeball, Drama etc. 

  • Residential and carefully chosen visits

  • School Council, House Captains, Reading Ambassadors, Head Boy & Girl

Intended Curriculum Impact 

  • All children know more and are able to retain this new knowledge

  • All children grow as rounded, caring and responsive individuals with personal ambition.

  • All children show positive attitudes for learning, apply essential knowledge and learn to use skills flexibly and purposefully. They are well-prepared for Secondary School education and further learning opportunities.

  • All children including disadvantaged and SEND require the knowledge and cultural capital to succeed in life.

  • All children, regardless of starting points, enjoy personal success and good progress.

  • All children leave St Monica School with a positive attitude to learning. They are risk-takers, show resilience and become lifelong learners.

We are continuing to develop our broad and balanced curriculum that is based on units of work that are meaningful for the children that we have in school at any one given moment. This means that it is forever evolving and changing to meet the needs of our ever-changing community. This will enable our children to be the best lifelong learners that they can be.

St Monica Primary School

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