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Physical Education

Physical Education curriculum statement for St Monica Primary School


At St Monica Primary School, we aim to ensure that all pupils are fit, healthy and physically active. We deliver a high-quality physical education curriculum as well as offering an extensive range of inclusive physical activities and competitive sporting opportunities, which inspire and engage pupils: enabling them to begin their journey towards lifelong health and fitness. We believe that the rich and broad experiences that our pupils enjoy allow them to become confident, creative and collaborative individuals, who know how to lead a healthy lifestyle. P.E. at St Monica is unique in its ability to develop the whole child; it develops social skills, builds self-esteem and helps to embed values such as fairness, integrity and respect.


Using the National Curriculum, we will ensure that children receive a rich physical education curriculum that builds on skills and knowledge from Year R to Year 6. Games lessons are taught weekly: each week the children further develop their skills, knowledge and understanding and apply them to competitive situations. Throughout the year each year group will have access to a specialist sports coach who, working alongside their class teacher, will deliver a specialist set of sessions designed to enthuse and challenge in both games and gymnastics. Dance is often linked to the children’s topic to develop cross-curricular links whilst keeping the subject’s integrity at the forefront.  At St Monica we aim to deliver a broad and engaging PE curriculum, designed to further ever singe child’s access to a wide range of sports and activities whilst also providing opportunities for the development of those who want to pursue these further by through extra-curricular activities. Dance is often linked to the children’s topic to develop cross-curricular links whilst keeping the subject’s integrity at the forefront.

Physical Education

All P.E. lessons ensure that children gain a deep understanding in an environment that is full of positive energy and challenge. Pupils are encouraged to reflect on their own performance and question the sustainability of the activities they are doing. They learn from a young age to appraise each other’s work and experiment with their own performances. As they progress through Key Stage 1 and into Key Stage 2, they challenge themselves by considering tactics and personalise their learning by designing their own warm-ups and cool downs. They gain confidence and learn to make decisions and take risks; these skills transfer well into the classroom. Teachers at St Monica strive to deliver the best possible P.E. lessons: each year every teacher receives a term’s worth of training from fully qualified coaches. At St Monica we recognise the benefits of outdoor pursuits and offer the children the opportunity to attend a residential during Year 6. During this off-site trip, the children gain confidence and build self-esteem competing in a range of adventurous activities such as abseiling, archery and climbing. All pupils take part in orienteering within the school grounds. All children in Year 6 have a terms worth of swimming lessons at the Quays with qualified coaches ensuring that all meet the government expectation of being able to swim 25m by the end of Year 6.

Physical Activity

Enrichment and enjoyment is at the heart of what we do. Throughout the year, we invite a range of visitors in to inspire the children. Sport Solent offer fantastic inclusive opportunities within the school day such as the dance mats, obstacle course, sports road show. We also offer a wide range of after-school clubs such as football (for KS1 and KS2), dodgeball and dance. At St Monica we believe that children learn best when they are actively involved in their learning. Where appropriate we take children outside or into the hall to allow them to do that. For example, in English, when understanding how a character moves the children may be asked to create a dance in the style of that character. Active maths lessons are taught to allow children to revise their times tables and number knowledge in a fun and engaging way and P.E. lessons often incorporate the language of mathematics (e.g. symmetry, pairs, half, quadrilateral, parallel, horizontal etc). We aim to encourage pupils to be physically active for life. In order to do this, we strive to offer them exciting opportunities unique and relevant to our local area.

School Sport

At St Monica we believe that all children should experience competitive sport. Every pupil has the opportunity to do this during their weekly P.E. lessons and we strive to offer as many opportunities for this to take place after school. Each year we have our School Sports Day. During this day, the children compete in their house teams in a range of athletic activities. From Year 1 onwards every child is offered the chance to represent the school in a competition / festival. These events take place off-site and are an excellent way for children to build their confidence and apply the skills they have learnt against children from other schools. Children who demonstrate as aptitude for these sports are then signposted to a suitable club in the local area. At S Monica we have an excellent girls’ and boys’ football team, who train weekly and are extremely successful in the Southampton Schools’ League. Each year our netball team competes in the Southampton Schools’ netball league and our children enjoy competing at City Athletics.


We want all children to leave St Monica healthy and physically fit with the understanding required to maintain a fit and active lifestyle. During their time with us, they would have developed their strength, flexibility, coordination and balance and be able to apply their running, jumping, throwing and catching skills in both individual and team sports. They will understand how to use their bodies to produce a range of movements and be able to sequence these movements. Pupils will be confident evaluating their own performances, communicating and collaborating with others and competing.

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